What is iAd and how I can use it?


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  1. Introduction 1
  2. Getting acquainted with iAd 2
  3. Technology, Insights, and Abilities 3
  4. Nissan Leaf iAd 4
  5. Caramel’s iAd Application Demo 5
  6. Additional Information 6
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Getting acquainted with iAd

iAd – is a mobile advertisement system developed by Apple and implemented into iPhone, iPod and iPad, that provides creativity, information and e-motion to brands all around the globe.

In the eyes of Apple, iAd is the latest innovative way of advertisement. It offers multiple ways of marketing your product beyond any limits. There is no mobile advertising system that compares to its abilities and here’s why.

Why do I need iAd?

We all know the importance and power of advertising. We also know that investing in strategic ways of marketing, especially ones that move everywhere you go, is today’s window to success.

iAd Highlights

  1. iAd reaches millions of iPhone and iPod touch users around the world through their favorite applications: the smartest and easiest way advertisers reach their target. Apple audience has installed more than 6.5 billion applications and has activated over 160 million iTunes accounts across 23 countries.
  2. On average everybody spends 30 minutes per day using their apps, and every second there are more than 200 downloads of new apps worldwide. The demographics, friend and family trendsetter, and great entertainment make iAd the ideal system to deliver your message.
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Technologies, insights and abilities

iAd has remarkable abilities. It feels like Apple captured all its technological innovations and implemented them into one single product.

  1. iTunes – you can access iTunes and Apple Store while using iAd
  2. Use video and audio in iAd applications
  3. Use HTML5 and CSS3 effects with quality that compares to Flash
  4. All "touch" abilities and "shake" effects
  5. Menu, Galleries, Cover flow
  6. Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps and any other online services you need
  7. The only limits to iAd are in your imagination and your developer’s skills
Grab the image with your mouse and spin it around… I want to see more HTLM5 abilities!
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Nissan Leaf iAd

Nissan Leaf - is one of the first iAd applications

Apple meant to use all the functions and features of its iAD.js, showing amazing CSS3 & HTML5 effects

  • Beautiful introductory video available in the iAd application
  • Demonstration of touch effects in the iAd menu
  • Creative comparison of Nissan leaf and other cars using graphic representations
  • Change the car’s color by using the shake effect
  • Make an order of any car you like any time you want through iAd

If you would like to compare here is the Nissan Leaf website: the functionality of iAd application is more advanced than the website itself, even when iAd is just a mobile application.

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Caramel's iAd application demo

Our goal was to duplicate LexusForward Living service for iPhone, and made it as an iAd.
Forward Living shows the economic and ecological benefits of the new Lexus RX450h.

Application features

  • It shows and compares fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for your own or pre-defined journeys
  • Watch detailed videos about the RX450’s highlights (design, engineering, etc.)
  • Compare Lexus’ capacities with other cars such as BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Technologies used by Caramel

  • Google Maps with Google Directions API
  • HTML5 abilities such as: html5 tags, inline-video, web storage, web database
  • CSS3 features such as: gradients, transforms, transitions, media queries
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Additional information

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